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Ceramic Seals

Ceramic seals are small discs that are used in technology, such as sealing in automotive engineering components and technology. They can also be used for fuel and water pumps and are an integral part of pumping technology. Their surfaces are smooth and are designed for sharpness, which contributes to their resistance to chemicals such as acids and alkalis. Seals also act as barriers in pumps and taps—separating solids such as dirt and sand from the drinking water without compromising the toughness of the sealing technology.

Anoop Ceramics' seals are built for longevity. Even after numerous uses in sanitary fittings or vehicles, they remain without signs of wear and tear. Despite the alternating pressures of flowing water chipping away at them, they remain sturdy and in place.

We build our seals using Alumina and zirconia. Alumina's high purity, strength, and excellent surface finish make it a perfect choice for this product. Our seals are chemically resistant and have low porosity. We create a variety of seals based on the purpose - for instance, seals used in pumping technology might have a different shape and size than those used in the electrical industry.

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