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Ceramic Rollers for Three Roll Mill

A three-roll mill is used mostly for dispersion but does some grinding as well. It uses three rollers of different speeds and directions to cause the sheer force between them to disperse and grind particles. The three-roll mill is used to disperse material within a media, which is usually some type of semi-viscous material such as cream.

Anoop Ceramics rollers are made from premium alumina ceramic material and are customized based on the need of the machine and its process. Keeping in mind the utility of the machines our rollers are resistant to pressure and heat giving you the perfect result with a grind; unlike metal rollers that will wear off with time and is sensitive to heat as well.These ceramic rollers are specially designed for three roll mills and are commonly used for pre-production processing at manufacturing plants that manufacture from finely powdered materials or using molds.

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