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Ceramic Hydrocyclones

Hydrocyclones are mostly used to separate the solids from the liquids in hydrocarbon streams. This makes them particularly useful during the production of oil. They prevent sand build-up in pipelines, which gives a layer of protection to the inside heat exchangers and pumps.

The part at the top of the hydrocyclone forces the liquid-solid mixture through, and the rotational motion separates the dense sand particles from the less thick liquid. The solid particles then fall down the tube, forcing the fluid to rise into a separate cavity. Alumina has proven to be the industry standard for hydrocyclones. This is due to its properties of robustness and its ability to withstand severe abrasions caused by the rotation.

Hydrocyclones also find uses in water treatment during fracking. They separate the solids and liquids from produced water. The cyclone process removes contaminants from the water during pre-treatment, thus ensuring cleaner water for the citizens.

 Anoop Ceramics' hydrocyclones are useful for inline sand separation in the harsh environments of the oil and gas industry. Our ceramic components are durable and have a long service life, ensuring that you save the cost of maintenance and replacement. Our hydrocyclones offer tremendous thermal stability, shock resistance, and can perform at high efficiencies at low differential pressures. We offer a variety of cyclones ranging from 0.5-6". Our separators operate at a pressure drop of 10 psi and work with between 3 to 12000 cubic meters of water.

Anoop's ceramic components have high tolerances and would allow customers to separate particles down to five microns in size effectively.

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