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Ceramic DTA and TGA Parts

One of Anoop Ceramics' specialties is curated components. We have created a range of ceramic parts suitable for the customer's thermal analyzer equipment, such as crucibles. A crucible is a small measuring cup that is used to work with materials that can be manipulated at high temperatures.

Our parts were created for aiding the differential thermal analysis (DTA) and thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA) processes. These instruments are used to measure endothermic and exothermic reactions, thermal expansion and shrinkage, and the weight change characteristics of phenomena.

We are aware that the type of crucible used can impact the result of such investigations. Our crucibles are available in Alumina and zirconia. We love using porous cordierite refractory due to its thermal stability, low electrical conductivity, and immunity to all atmospheres of furnaces and thermal applications.

 Our crucibles are designed with the properties of flatness, high purity, a low mass, and a large volume. This has been done to increase the sensitivity, eliminate interaction between stray particles and the crucible, and guarantee high thermal conductivity and stability.

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