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Ceramic Vacuum Parts

There is a class of ceramic components that are extremely suitable for vacuum applications such as cleaners. As a material, ceramic works very well to create vacuum parts as they remove the risk of outgassing, which can contaminate the sample and damage the equipment.

Outgassing refers to the overload of gases and vapors released internally, in the absence of gas injected deliberately, and is a genuine danger while using a vacuum cleaner. These components are created in shapes that range from simple to highly complex, such as sleeves, collars, and cones. Other examples are insulating discs, power grid tubes, and traveling wave tubes. 

Ceramic beads can be used to insulate wires for vacuum applications in higher temperatures. The beads' convex and concave shape ensures that they are easy to insert into the vacuum even at bent angles. Anoop Ceramics' vacuum parts are made of Alumina, particularly alumina 98. Alumina's insulating properties are high and can handle up to 1500 degrees of heat. Alumina 98 has excellent resistance to electricity, chemical processes, wear, and erosion. It also makes it easy to fuse the ceramic components with the metal parts of a vacuum. 

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