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Ceramic Parts for the Paper industry

With regards to pulp and paper, ceramic is used in several stages of the paper manufacturing process, as well as several other chemical industries. Its properties, such as resistance to attacks of fire, acids, and alkalis, making it ideal. Ceramic also has the ability to combat harsh environments. Recently, in the paper industry, technology such as advanced and nanoceramics have evolved to enhance energy saving and provide environmental benefits.

In the paper machine, ceramics have slowly begun to replace metal parts, and have enhanced the flexibility of the device as a result. The paper press and dryer are sealed with ceramic. Ceramic dewatering elements are used in paper machines, as well as cones.

Anoop Ceramics manufactures several parts that are all made from Alumina and zirconia. Our components are highly resistant to wear and tear, have excellent surface roughness. They can maintain their strengths at extremely high temperatures, making them an ideal replacement for metals, alloys, and glasses in the paper industry.

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