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Ceramic Mud Pump Liner

Ceramic mud pump liner used in oil well where its primary function is to force and move the mud to well. The efficiency of these liner’s withstands a strength between 300-400 kilo pounds and elasticity of 12500 & 60000 kpsi. Anoop Ceramics manufactures Ceramic Mud Pump Liners in Alumina and Zirconia

Ceramics Mud Pump Liners offers longer cost saving, better performance and safer operations than sleeves made of more commonly used chrome iron. The special harness and remarkable wear resistance of ceramic in comparison to rubber pistons that move at high speeds and intense pressure inside the mud pump liners reducing wear resistance to over 75%

Additionally ceramic mud pump liners withstands severe operating conditions during drilling procedure. They circulate up to 200gpm water & slurry at pressure as high as 7500psi. Further, in one mining installation the drilling is reported to increase the service life of ceramic mud pump liner from 100 days to more that one year by upgrading from traditional Crome iron to Ceramic material

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