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Ceramic Crucibles, Trays and Boats

A ceramic crucible is a container used to work with materials that can only be manipulated at very high temperatures. Ceramic trays are helpful in various fields, from lab work to interior decoration; sintering trays are especially useful in rearranging and firmly attaching molded parts in a furnace to prevent unwanted deformations during the burning process. Ceramic combustion boats are used to melt materials at high temperatures. The crystalline and inorganic smoothness of ceramic lends itself to creating the perfect crucibles, trays and boats. They can be designed from a variety of base metals such as zirconia and Alumina. Each of the chemical compositions of the metals reacts differently to heat and pressure.

The crucible's history dates to the Medieval ages, where they were used as containers for the smelting of copper, leaded bronze, and its alloys. The trays are manufactured with a smooth surface utterly free from external particles and material, which protects the other parts of the furnace from contamination and spoilage. Ceramic boats are often equipped with a handle a small hole called an “eye” for easier use during melting. Industries that commonly utilize ceramic crucibles, trays and boats for manufacturing are the metallurgy industry, analysis, and quality control. 

Anoop Ceramics' crucibles, trays and boats are created exclusively from Alumina. We chose Alumina due to its ability to withstand extremely high temperatures and harsh conditions, chemical attacks from most acids and alkaline solutions, as well as hydrogen and other reducing gases. Our trays and boats have a long shelf life. They do not require the use of a protective coating, for we use porous cordierite refractory material to make them. We use this material for furnaces primarily because of its extremely high thermal resistance. The usage of this material makes our ceramic trays immune to almost all atmospheres in the stove.

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