Ceramic Hydro-cyclone

Hydrocyclone is a high – throughput gravity separation device that is used for separating slurry particles based on the weight of the particles.

Hydrocyclone can handle very high slurry throughput rates and often an entire battery of hydrocyclone can be found at a mineral processing facility. Hydrocycles have a wear-resistant lining of pipes. vortex finder, cyclone chamber, and exit spigot that is lined with wear-resistant materials – which is usually alumina ceramics.

Refurbishing of hydrocyclones represents one of the highest volume uses of alumina in the mineral processing industry. Cyclone components of the cyclone assembly that can be manufactured in alumina ceramics include:

• Cylindrical and reducing liners

• Inlets

• Outlets

• Spigots

• Inserts

• Upper, mid, and lower cone sections

• Vortex finders

• Tiles (ideally curved) for lining the interior wall

Linings of the curved interior wall are a large-volume ceramic requirement given the size of the vortex chamber of an industrial hydrocyclone. This can be either a single monolithic liner (small cyclone) or tiles. If tiles, ideally they should be curved to match the contours of the hydrocyclone interior. When flat tiles are used, this leaves a series of flats radially around the internal surface of the cyclone which interrupts material flow due to changing impingement angle and increases impingement wear on the highest impingement-angle areas of the tiled surfaces. The spigot and piping of the hydrocyclone also require ceramic linings.

Premium quality alumina is the most preferred material used for hydrocyclone lining. In general, alumina gives an unbeatable combination of low price and high wear life for hydrocyclones and this represents one of the highest volume uses of alumina ceramics in the world.

Anoop Ceramics hydrocyclone lines are mostly used in oil & gas industries and offers extreme wear resistance enabling them to perform well in applications.


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